Problems @Microsoft Outlook

Some Common problems while accessing Outlook:

Most of the time while working on a software , we realize that something went wrong with our software and for that we Google the way to find out solution and it shows millions of result filtering lots of websites,blogs etc. It is very hectic to go through every link and search the exact solution  so due to lack of centralized resources we ignore that glitch and move forward and avoiding that little thing cause big damage in data/software/system in future and as a result,we FORMAT that software.
Live example: Outlook 
For outlook functionality, we usually format/downgrade and again reinstall it :D and we say it as issue 'RESOLVED' but do you really think it is resolved ????
Here is list some top search/frequent issue in outlook:
1. Outlook Sync error.
2. Not able to search old mails.
3. Mailbox issues (SMTP, IMAP, POP3)
    -Mailbox Size issue.
4. Mailbox creation/data backup issue.
5. Mail getting bounce.
    -Not able to receive/send.
    -forwarding issue.
6. Non Delivery Report Issue(NDR).
7. Import and export issue.
8. Mailbox forwarding.
     -Mail forwarding in one folder.
9.  Junk Mailbox issue.
10. Error in Date and Time.
11. Language Issue.
12. Outlook for Mobile Devices.
13. Marge Mailboxes. 
14. Mail downloading issue.


1. Outlook Sync error: 

2. Not able to search old mails.

3.Mailbox issues (SMTP, IMAP, POP3)

For Windows:
For MAC:

a. Mailbox Size issue

b) Mailbox creation/data backup issue

4.Data backup issue

5. Mail getting bounce

6. Non Delivery Report Issue

7. Import and export issue

8. Mailbox forwarding


9. Junk Mailbox issue

10. Error in Date and Time

11. Language Issue

12. Outlook for Mobile Devices

13. Marge Mailboxes

14. Mail downloading issue

To resolve/know your issue related to office365, Microsoft has provided best troubleshooting tool:

SARA Tool:

This article need to update time to time so if in case you have any new issue related to Office365 or Outlook just comment down below, we will update you with same.  

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