Make a pen drive BOOTABLE without using any software

Hello Everyone ,this time i will show you how to make a Bootable Usb Pen drive.


  • It is simple and fast way to format your PC or Laptop. After formatting you can easily install windows in your system. Bootable usb pendrive has several advantage as like easy formatting, easy copy and past windows file and after that easy to installing windows. Now we are discussing some important step to make bootable pen drive.
Advantages :
  • Installing process through bootable usb pen drive is much better then DVD.
  • Easy to carrying.
  • Easy to handle and no need to expert. 
  • Best option for all who haven’t DVD drive in his PC or Laptop. 

Requirement :
  • Blank (empty) Pen drive with minimum capacity of 4Gb.
Process :
Step 1 :
 Plug-in your pen drive in Laptop. 

Step 2 :
Go to Start  >> Type Cmd  (in search program and file)  [Press Enter]
After pressing Enter command prompt will open.
On your Caps lock
Step 3 :
Type  DISKPART   [Press Enter]

Step 4 : 
Type  LIST  DISK    [Press Enter]
It will show all available disk in your system. Disk 0 is usually hard disk of your system. In my case Disk 1 is Usb pen drive (This can be different in your case so plz make sure )

Step 5 :
Type  SELECT  DISK  1  [Press Enter]

Step 6 :
Type  CLEAN  [Press Enter]

Step 7 :

Step 8 :
Type  SELECT  PARTITION  1  [Press Enter]

Step 9 :
Type  ACTIVE  [Press Enter]

Step 10 :
Type FORMAT  FS=NTFS  [Press Enter]
Wait Until 100% complete.

Step 11 :
Type  ASSIGN  [Press Enter]

Step 12 :
Type EXIT [Press Enter]

  • Now bootable usb pen drive is ready to use. After making this copy and paste windows 7 or 8 in your pen drive. It is easiest way to install windows 7 or 8 in your  system.
    When you want to install windows, plug-in bootable pen drive and restart the system and press boot function key as per different system (f1——-f12) .

      Enjy..... and don't forget to say thanks.

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